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If you are thinking of celebrating a person in your life, I would love to help. 

Working from photos

One of the most accessible ways to get a portrait is to send me photographs to work from. It is important that the main photo you'd like me to work form is good quality, clear and well lit. I will talk you through and check over your photos before getting started. Several photos of the person to support the main one will help me understand more of them and give me more information to work from.


I would like to make my work affordable. Therefore, there are three ways to commission me. 

1.) Production cost. The price will be for my hourly rate x the hours I expect to spend on your portrait (starting at £200 for graphite and £400 for oils)

2.) Pay what you can afford. Pay anywhere from half the quoted production cost (I can't unfortunately afford to go below half my hourly rate) 

3.) Charity scheme. Once a month I will offer one portrait through this scheme. Donate at least £50 to a charity from my list in exchange for the portrait. 

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